AARONS CGI is a 3D computer animation studio based in Melbourne and established by Roger Aarons. The studio's sole aim is to take complicated concepts and make them simple to understand using eye-catching visuals. Our clients include engineers, researchers, scientists, architects and business people with big ideas that need the power of 3D animation to help reach their audiences.

Our work is used for presentations, marketing, advertising, education, safety, product demonstrations, TV commercials, and more.

Roger Aarons - 3D Animation studio Melbourne

Roger Aarons - 3D animation producer and director.

At AARONS CGI we pride ourselves on delivering a message that is clear, powerful and at optimum image quality. Your graphics are expertly produced using industry standard tools in a wide range of media production, as well as raw creative talent, and above all - a commitment to you.

Roger Aarons is also a skilled former copywriter having written commercials for a variety of multinational advertising agencies in Hong Kong, as well as scripting and script advising for corporate videos in Australia.

We are used to working in multiple time-zones so if you require 3D animation wherever you are, we can help you.

Our ultimate goal has always been to create 3D animation that you will be proud of and that leaves a lasting impression in the minds of your potential customers.

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Owner and operator

Deal directly with your artist

Technically minded

Able to grasp complex subjects


Able to think visually