AARONS CGI is a 3D computer animation studio based in Melbourne, Australia. The studio's sole aim is to take your complex concepts and make them simple to understand using eye-catching and memorable visualizations. Our clients include engineers, researchers, scientists, architects, medical practitioners, and entrepreneurs with big ideas that need the power of 3D animation to help reach their audiences. As your 'one-stop shop' we can take care of the entire video production process from concept, script advice, storyboarding, 3D modelling, animations and simulations, rendering, video editing, voice-overs, and background music, if required.

Our work has been used for marketing, advertising, education, safety, product demonstrations, TV commercials, and more.

Roger Aarons - 3D Animation studio Melbourne

Roger Aarons - (owner and operator)
3D animation producer and director.

At AARONS CGI your graphics are expertly produced using industry standard tools, 2o+ years of experience, and above all, a commitment to you.

Roger Aarons is also a skilled former copywriter having written commercials for a variety of multinational advertising agencies, as well as scripting and script advising for corporate videos in Australia.

We are used to working in multiple time-zones so if you require 3D animation wherever you are, we can help you.

Our ultimate goal has always been to create 3D animation that you will be proud of and that leaves a lasting impression in the minds of your potential customers.


Owner and operator

Deal directly with your artist

Technically minded

Able to grasp complex subjects


Able to think visually



Grant Wellwood
Grant Wellwood
08:27 18 Jul 22
So you have an idea- the next big thing-CONGRATULATIONS! What next? For me as an engineer, it's always a meeting with Roger from Aarons CGI. Why? Animations are the ultimate minimum viable product (MVP) for many concepts, and with Aarons CGI I always get three times the value compared to platform giggers (like Fiverr).How so?1. Amazing Quality: The finished product is always amazing in terms of the rendering and the physics (if it involves movement). In most instances, the animation was better than I imagined (and I have a good imagination!).2. Fresh Eye Review: Unlike job-shops, Roger doesn't just simply animate your emailed storyboard; he becomes an extended part of your team for a time, making the effort to get down in the weeds in order to understand your concept/vision as well as your message and the intended audience. This review process (go slow to go fast) is of incredible value because it makes you think things through (forces slow thinking), and the innocent questions raised by Roger are the same as your viewer will have. In many instances, the concept has been materially improved as a result! Let's face it, inventors are often blind to the needs and perspectives of their "customers".3. One Take: This is where the ‘go slow to go fast’ strategy pays off with the final step proceeding quickly and efficiently in a single step, to the agreed schedule. How? Simple, all the issues have been ironed out beforehand (step 2). Seemingly cheaper options usually work out much more expensive and take longer to do, because you do the job more than once (typically 3 iterations).So...Got a concept? Take my advice, the next stop should be Roger for an MVP with 3x the value!
Damien Harding
Damien Harding
10:40 28 Jun 22
I worked closely with Roger Aarons from Aarons CGI on several animation projects while working with Rio Tinto to clearly explain some complex innovation concepts in the mineral processing space. Roger's animations were excellent and well-received across senior management. I highly recommend Roger's work.
23:20 02 Jun 22
Roger Aarons is an outstanding professional and his work is first class. He provided much value for us to explain our technology and was a pleasure to deal with in the various version changes that were necessary. We will certainly have no hesitation in engaging his services again. Kind Regards. Steve White. Energy Storage Pty Ltd and TORC Clean Energy.
Randall Moshinsky
Randall Moshinsky
08:01 29 Apr 22
Over the last few years Roger Aarons, from Aarons CGI, has created video animations for a number of medical projects I have been involved in. I have always found Roger a pleasure to work with and his work has been of the highest quality. Roger is very quick to pick up new technical material and his attention to detail is excellent. He has always been quick to respond to my questions and comments, and prompt in delivering content. I would be extremely happy to use Roger’s services again in the future and I would recommend Aarons CGI to others without hesitation.
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