Medical procedures, device instructions for use (IFU), device marketing, biomedicine, and education.

Welcome to the world of medical animation – the interface between art and science using exciting 3d animation to convey complex scientific concepts in an easy to understand, accurate and compelling way. Medical animation is a unique and fascinating field and AARONS CGI has had the privilege of working with a variety clients in the medical industry from device inventors, manufactures, doctors, surgeons, product marketers and educators…

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MEDICAL DEVICES Marketing/ Instructions for use

AARONS CGI has been commissioned by various medical device companies in Australia and Italy to create a variety of 3D animated medical videos showcasing life-saving medical devices for both instructions for use (IFU), and marketing purposes. Devices include the Bi-Flow bidirectional cannula, a breakthrough Australian invention available for surgeons worldwide; a vascular closure device designed to help close and heal the hole that is created after a cannula is inserted; plus a tool to repair the mitral valve within the heart, along with other innovations created by Cardiovascular surgeon Dr Randall Moshinsky and Anesthetist Dr Elli Tutungi.

Dr Randall Moshinsky, FRACS, Cardiothoracic Surgeon:

“…a pleasure to work with/  the highest quality/ attention to detail…”
Animations of the Bi-Flow device have been featured nationally on Australian TV news networks, as well as in medical journals. Do you have a medical device or procedure that can benefit from 3d animation? Contact us today.

Bi-Flow device animation shown on various National TV news networks

Inventors of the Bi-Flow bi-directional cannula

Inventors of the Bi-Flow bi-directional cannula, animated by Aarons CGI.
(L-R: Head of Perfusion Mr Jim McMillan, Cardiothoracic Surgeon Dr Randall Moshinsky, and Cardiac Anaesthetist Dr Elli Tutungi)


Animated corporate video by Aarons CGI

Bi-Flow bi-directional cannula

Animated medical video by Aarons CGI

Bi-Flow ECMO – Instructions for use

Animated medical video by Aarons CGI

Bi-Flow (IFU) Direct surgical version

Bi-Flow cannula – Marketing version

Animated medical video by Aarons CGI

Mitral Valve – heart valve repair tool

Animated medical video by Aarons CGI

Vascular closure device

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Aarons CGI - 3D animation studio Melbourne

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MEDICAL DEVICE Skin treatment

Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals called upon AARONS CGI to produce 3D animated medical videos that demonstrates a UV skin care treatment to potential investors in Australia and Europe. 3D animation was used to show how a tablet is absorbed into the skin and its effectiveness in raising the skin’s pigment level over time.

Animated medical animation by Aarons CGI

Time-lapsed release of drug

Prototype dispenser - Animated medical animation by Aarons CGI

One of several 3d modelled
prototype dispensers

SKIN CARE COMPANY UV protection cream

A skin care company requested an exciting introduction to their medical video that takes the viewer from the Sun to the surface of the Earth where a couple are lying on a beach.

Animated medical animation by Aarons CGI

Skin care animation intro


THE ALFRED HOSPITAL Donor heart preservation

The Cardiac Surgical Research Unit at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne is pioneering research into sustaining donor hearts for transplantation and required 3D animation to showcase their latest developments.

Animated medical video by Aarons CGI




AARONS CGI created the animated content for Valeant Pharmaceuticals/ Brand Power Canada.

Cold FX TVC- animated TV commercial

Cold FX TVC with 3D animation

DERMAVEEN TVC Eczema cream 

This animated TV commercial for Dermaveen snippet demonstrates the effectiveness of a cream that prevents drying and cracking of the skin, or Eczema.

Eczema cream TVC - animated TV commercial

Eczema cream TVC – 3D animation


WONDER OF LIVING SERIES Children’s education 

Wonder of Living launch - educational animation

Wonder of Living launch

The newly updated Wonder of Living series for Open Doors is a multi-DVD program educating school children across Australia and abroad, from grades 3 to grade 8 on the human body and covers topics such as sex and bodily functions. AARONS CGI was commissioned to produced an array of 3D animations and visual effects of the human body to complement the video production, from simulating people being x-rayed during everyday activities from eating and running, human reproduction such as sexual intercourse, the microscopic world of the sperm and egg, and even childbirth.

DVD set distributed to schools, libraries and Government services.

DVDs distributed to schools, libraries and Government services

Another world under a microscope - educational animation

Another world under a microscope

Originally produced back in the mid 1980s, it was completely remade from the ground-up. The series now features exciting 3D graphics by AARONS CGI in keeping with today’s visually savvy young audiences. It is currently being distributed to schools across Australia and abroad, as well as public libraries and Government services.

Human reproduction - educational animation

100 Million views on YouTube

The animations deal with the delicate subject of teaching sex education and human anatomy to children. The above sample video that doesn’t include a soundtrack runs just over 1 minute and has reached almost 100 million views on YouTube.



EPWORTH SLEEP CENTRE Sleep apnea medical device

The medical world is also taking advantage of the wonders of 3D animation. The Epworth Sleep Centre required a life-like animated medical video of a patient suffering from Sleep Apnea – a severe form of snoring.



Sleep apnea - Animated medical animation by Aarons CGI

Animated head showing the effects
of sleep apnea

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