At AARONS CGI creating eye-catching visuals is only part of the process. After the animation is complete, the next stage is video editing. This involves compositing various elements together and editing sequences into a coherent message or 'storyline' that generally follows a script. The editing process is an opportunity to take your powerful visuals to a new level and tell a compelling story of what you have to offer.

However, if you already have your graphical content ready but require someone with the expertise to put it all together, we can help you. We pride ourselves on producing a complete package from start to finish.

We can also take care of language translations and subtitling for multiple audiences. It's no wonder we're often called a "one-stop shop."

The video editing and post production process 
>click image for larger view


Chinese captions added a new audience for this project

Chinese captions added a new audience for this project >click image for larger view

Our prices are very competitive so contact us today for a complete assessment of your next project - we're ready to make a difference.

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