In addition to corporate and TV animation, AARONS CGI is also your source for online, education and drama animations offering a wide variety of CGI content from animated 3D characters and special visual effects. In fact anything you can dream up for that dramatic presentation you have planned, we can help you.

Looking for Corporate Video animations?

HONDA JAZZ Online interactive campaign

AARONS CGI produced a series of 3D animations introducing all the main characters from the agency produced 'Honda Jazz comes to town' TVC campaign. The animations involved talking cars for a behind-the-scenes Honda Jazz 'carsting' reel, as well as animated character loops for various interactive web pages promoting the new car. 

The animations and highly detailed renders had to match the complexity of the original TVC spot which had a mammoth CG production value that even PIXAR would be proud of. Needless to say AARONS CGI was delighted to be part of this challenging project.

Original Honda TVC - online animation

'Jazz comes to town' - Original agency TVC used as a guide

Online 'Carsting' reel - online animation

Sample animations from the campaign by AARONS CGI

The online Jazz campaign - online animation

The online Jazz campaign >Click image for larger view

After the success of the campaign AARONS CGI also produced a special corporate video animation introducing the advertising agency's self-promotional showreel featuring the sassy Jazz character herself.

Agency promotional video animation by AARONS CGI

Agency promotional animation by AARONS CGI

OPEN DOORS Wonder of living - Educational DVD

Wonder of Living launch - educational animation

Wonder of Living launch

The new updated Wonder of Living series for Open Doors is a multi-DVD program educating school children across Australia and abroad, from grades 3 to grade 8 on the human body and covers topics such as sex and bodily functions.

DVD set distributed to schools, libraries and Government services.

DVDs distributed to schools, libraries and Government services

AARONS CGI was commissioned to produced an array of animations and visual effects to complement the video production, from simulating people being x-rayed during everyday activities from eating and running, human reproduction such as sexual intercourse and the microscopic world of the sperm and egg - even childbirth.

Another world under a microscope - educational animation

Another world under a microscope

Originally produced back in the mid 80s, it was completely remade from the ground-up. The series now features exciting 3D graphics by AARONS CGI in keeping with today's visually savvy young audiences. It is currently being distributed to schools across Australia and abroad, as well as public libraries and Government services.

Human reproduction - educational animation

This human reproduction animation has been viewed almost 100 Million times on YouTube - by AARONS CGI

The animations deal with the delicate subject of teaching sex education and human anatomy to children. The above sample video that doesn't include a soundtrack and runs just over 1 minute has reached almost 100 million views on YouTube.

DRAMA Short film

Our first CG drama project titled A Hairy Plan involved camera matching and character animation. It's a comedy about two men who conceive a plan to win the grand prize on the Funniest Home Video Show using a very talented cat.

Elaborate 3D animation techniques were used to create a computer generated cat that rides a skateboard which was was then composited in a live action scene with the actors. You can visit the movie site here to find out more.

 Behind the scenes look at how we made the skateboarding cat:

Behind the scenes of A Hairy Plan

Behind the scenes of A Hairy Plan

MALAYSIA AIRLINES Mystery of flight MH370

This work in progress aims to re-create the final hours of the mysterious Malaysian flight MH370 based on a variety of credible news sources.

kl take off2 (Custom) 7-hours-fuel (Custom) MA plane layout (Custom) satellites MA layout w flight data rec (Custom) MA flight2 (Custom)

 A JURASSIC VIEW Dinosaurs return

AARONS CGI can also create animated characters and even match the original shooting camera to seamlessly blend into the live action scene. In this example a home owner overlooking Sydney's Karingai National Park gets a visit from CG dinosaurs.

dinosaurs - drama animation

Dinosaurs in the backyard!

The animation was created back in 2004 with the dinosaurs looking a little inferior by Hollywood standards, but a worthwhile and challenging project back then. And who could resist borrowing the Jurassic Park soundtrack?

CRIME PREVENTION Campaign concept for America

Produced back in 2001 this mock TV campaign for American audiences addresses the concept of freedom and life choice for the prevention of public crime.


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