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Joe is burdened by mounting bills that threaten to make his life a misery. While watching the Funniest Home Video Show he accidentally discovers an ad in the Yellow Pages for an animal talent agency. He schemes an idea of using a cat to perform an amazing trick that will guarantee him the big annual cash prize offered by the TV show.

A representative from the talent agency arrives with a cat "sleeping in his trailer" and outlines a meticulous list of requirements that guarantees the cat will perform. He and his dim witted accomplice George reluctantly fulfill these requirements and successfully videotape the cat doing tricks on a skateboard.

The cat is involved in a near collision with a truck. The incident is witnessed by a woman who reports their apparent ill-treatment to authorities.

Their tape is ready to be sent to the Funniest Home Videos show when George mistakenly hands it over to a man they think is the courier.

They soon discover that he's an animal welfare officer from the Nine Lives Animal Welfare Foundation! Joe chases after the officer, but fails to get the tape back.

Later, Joe's personal things have disappeared in his flat and is now forced to sit in camping chairs. The twist comes when the guys discover that the Nine Lives Animal Welfare Foundation wins the Funniest Home Video competition with the confiscated cat video, and have donated the prize money to the Foundation. Moments later the power cuts off.


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