The demand for 3D animations for TVCs (TV commercials) and online advertising and promotions continues to grow. AARONS CGI can take your raw footage and edit it with special visual effects to help sell your product or service, or let us create something from scratch to meet your vision, at any resolution and format for only a modest budget. Check out our previous TVCs and online advertising and promotions to see how we can help you promote your business to your audience:


ONLINE PROMOTION Honda Jazz interactive campaign

AARONS CGI produced a series of 3D animations for an interactive online ad campaign with ad agency DRAFTFCB introducing all the main characters from the agency produced ‘Honda Jazz comes to town’ TVC campaign. The 3d animations involved talking cars for a behind-the-scenes Honda Jazz ‘carsting’ reel, as well as animated character loops for various interactive web pages promoting the new car. 

The goal was to make sure that the online animations and graphics matched the complexity of the original TVC campaign which had a mammoth CG production value. In the end the client was thrilled with the result and AARONS CGI was proud to be part of this challenging project.

Original Honda TVC - online animation

‘Jazz comes to town’
Original agency TVC used as a guide

Sample scenes from the Honda character animation

After the success of the campaign AARONS CGI also produced a special 3D animated promotional video animation introducing the advertising agency’s self-promotional showreel featuring the sassy Jazz character herself.

Agency promotional video animation by AARONS CGI

Ad agency (DRAFTFCB) promotional animation by AARONS CGI


Producing an animated TV commercial can be complex, especially when adding visual effects similar to those seen in big budget movies. The visual effects required in this TVC for Moosehead hair cream was no exception. AARONS CGI was tasked with ‘motion tracking’ the actor’s head movements, then adding computer modelled antlers that appear to stick to the actor’s heads which then animate and grow. The result is totally seamless and believable.

The TVC was shown on MTV and various Australian commercial TV networks.

CG antlers matched to actor’s head movements
>click image for larger view

Moose Head TVC - animated TV commercial

Moose Head TVC – 3D animation

NORWOOD INDUSTRIES Printed marketing materials

AARONS CGI produced a 3D animated promotional video for Norwood Industries to introduce their exciting new website. The company manufactures printed products on both paper and advanced plastics for just about every industry – an animated folding airplane fitted the bill perfectly.

Animated corporate video by Aarons CGI

Norwood folding plane animation

norwood storyboard - Animated corporate video by Aarons CGI

Norwood plane storyboard >click image for larger view

FELCO Product promotion TVC

AARONS CGI created both 2D and 3D animations for a variety of TV commercials and a TV series on Channel 31. Most notable is the TVC for Felco Swiss-made garden tools.

Felco TVC - animated TV commercial

Felco TVC

Felco TVC

Felco TVC

UNIVERSITY OF BALLARAT TVC Public awareness campaign

Helping the public to remember an important date can be a challenge. The University of Ballarat were able to get their Open Day message across in a fun and creative way in this 30 second animated TV commercial.

Production screen grab of animated calendar - animated TV commercial

Production screen grab of animated calendar
>click image for larger view

University of Ballarat Open Day TVC - animated TV commercial

University of Ballarat Open Day TVC – 3D Animation

MOCK TVC Competition entry

Smiths Chips held a competition to create a fun and original TVC idea for their Doritos product. We just couldn’t resist the chance to enter our attempt which was made entirely in 3D. Got a great idea for that next animated TVC, but are afraid of the costs? Give us a call.

Doritos (mock) TVC – 3D animation

GOT ONE TVCs Various regional campaigns

Back in the early 2000’s AARONS CGI created various regional TV commercials for the fishing store franchise Got One. The campaigns featured animated Easter eggs, leaping Barramundis, a ‘flapping fish’ logo and others.

Got One TVC - animated TV commercial

An early animation created for Got One, TVC with 3D animation (early 2000)

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TVC Health product promotion

AARONS CGI created the animated content for Valeant Pharmaceuticals/ Brand Power Canada.

Cold FX TVC- animated TV commercial

Cold FX TVC with 3D animation

CHANNEL 9 Station identifier (remake)

The Channel 9 TV network has always been known for its great station ‘idents’, particularly the ‘glossy balls’. We couldn’t resist remaking it ourselves. Need a flying logo or channel ident? We can help you.

Channel 9 station ID remake - animated TV commercial

Channel 9 station ID remake

TELEVISION SERIES Editing /visual effects

AARONS CGI edited 18 episodes including visual effects for the TV series The Garden Tap, a popular gardening show on Channel 31, and regional TV Victoria. “Roger Aarons is a talented editor… His work lifted and improved the show enormously.” Margot McDonald Executive Producer.

Of particular note was a special episode featuring the Chelsea Flower Show in the UK where the participating sponsor met the Queen.

The Garden Tap TV show - sample

The Garden Tap TV show – sample

Another episode featured an animated olive character that danced along with the tap dancing host, with comedian Tracy Harvie.

olivecam dance harvie_margot

This clip demonstrates much of the fun and snappy video editing on the gardening show.

The Garden Tap TV show - video editing

The Garden Tap TV show – video editing

Executive producer, Margot McDonald

DERMAVEEN TVC Eczema cream 

This animated TV commercial snippet demonstrates the effectiveness of a cream that prevents drying and cracking of the skin, or Eczema.

Eczema cream TVC - animated TV commercial

Eczema cream TVC – 3D animation