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Corporate video animations are our most popular area of production. Our customers love our knack of turning complex ideas into simple to understand animations. If engineers can design it, we’ll help you present it to the world. Corporate video animations are ideal for company staff training, sales executives, stakeholders, the public and of course potential investors, because who knows who’s watching?

Check out the following corporate video animations – and imagine the possibilities 3D animation can have for your business:

RIO TINTO Machine prototype animations

AARONS CGI produces corporate video animations for the global mining giant Rio Tinto with the key role of simplifying challenging concepts within the mining industry and bring them to life with eye popping realism. The animations are developed for Rio Tinto innovation and their associated researchers at Imperial College London. The final works demonstrate the company’s claims and achievements to investors, stakeholders, researchers, as well as members of the public.

mine layout - corporate video animation

Mine layout (covered)


Floatation cell - corporate video animation

Generic froth flotation cell >click for larger view


AARONS CGI produced the company’s first installment of the Mine of the Future corporate video in early 2010, and only recently updated in late 2014. The production is designed for a global audience and has been in the public domain for several years targeting stakeholders, investors and the general public, and translated into multiple languages. AARONS CGI is credited with scripting, video editing, 3D animations as well as organizing and directing voice talent.

Mine of the Future corporate video

Mine of the Future opening scene

The General manager of Recovery, Technology and Innovation at Rio Tinto [MrCG] summed up his response to the work:

“Just a short note to thank you for your work on the [project]. It is a fantastic piece of work that has received compliments at the highest levels in the organisation. From our perspective, a most useful communication tool which saves a ‘thousand words’ and many Powerpoint slides…”

As you can see, working with a small studio you can achieve BIG results – with the added benefit of keeping your sensitive projects as confidential as possible.

Rio Tinto corporate video opening titles

Corporate video – opening titles


Material conveyor - corporate video animation

Corporate video animation


Mine of the Future - corporate video animation

Mine of the Future – 3D animation highlights


OUTOTEC Minerals processing and metals

Outotec commissioned AARONS CGI to produce a compelling corporate video of their Top Submerged Lance or TSL Smelting Furnace complete with realistic 3D computer generated molten liquid metal behaving as accurately as possible in the hellish environment of an industrial furnace. The big challenge was making sure the animated liquid metal realistically adhered to the lance, a major feature of the technology, allowing it to stay cooler and thus last longer.

Particle simulation - corporate video animation

Particle simulation >click for larger view


Single furnace design - corporate video animation

Single furnace design


Close-up of animated molten material - corporate video animation

Close-up of animated molten material >click image for larger view


Chinese version of corporate video animation

Chinese version >click image for larger view


Outotec Furnace corporate video animation

Outotec TSL Furnace – corporate video animation

The final work featured at the Outotec display stand for the 2012 mining expo in Perth, Western Australia.


TNG POWER PLANT Next generation recycling

AARONS CGI is involved in an ongoing development of 3D animation for The Next Generation (TNG) Power Station currently under development in Eastern Creek, NSW, Australia. The multi-million dollar project recycles waste products into green energy, building on technology currently used in Europe.

Opening scene >click image for larger view


The recycling facility - corporate video animation

The recycling facility >click image for larger view


Waste material not suitable for recycling is stored in a giant disused landfill.

Landfill site - corporate video animation

The landfill site – a former quarry >click image for larger view



TNG Power plant - corporate video animation

TNG Power plant animation

Final Version (excludes client’s video footage)


NCIMP Exfoliation of vermiculite

The National Centre for Industrial Microwave Processing (NCIMP) based at Nottingham in UK, commissioned AARONS CGI to create ongoing corporate video animations of the company’s development of a prototype machine that expands Vermiculite particles, ideal for use in heat proofing products.

First prototype for exfoliation process - corporate video animation

First prototype for exfoliation process >click image for larger view


NCIMP particle animation - corporate video animation

NCIMP particle animation


CLINUVEL UV Skin treatment

Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals called upon AARONS CGI to produce a corporate video animation that demonstrates a UV skin care treatment to potential investors in Australia and Europe. 3D animation was used to show how a tablet is absorbed into the skin and its effectiveness in raising the skin’s pigment level over time.

Time-lapsed release of drug - corporate video animation

Time-lapsed release of drug


Prototype dispenser - corporate video animation

One of several prototype dispensers modelled

SKIN CARE COMPANY UV protection cream

Another skin care company requested an exciting introduction that takes the viewer from the Sun to the surface of the Earth where a couple are lying on a beach.


Skin care - corporate video animation

Skin care animation intro


NORWOOD INDUSTRIES Online folding aeroplane animation

AARONS CGI produced an online corporate video animation for Norwood Industries to introduce their exciting new website. Making printed products on paper and advanced plastics for just about every industry, an animated folding airplane fitted the bill perfectly.

Norwood folding plane - corporate video animation

Norwood folding plane animation


norwood storyboard

Norwood plane storyboard >click image for larger view


FE TECHNOLOGIES Library card scanner

AARONS CGI created animations for an automated self-loan station for public libraries around Australia and abroad.

Screen grab of automated kiosk system - corporate video animation

Screen grab of self-loan kiosk >click image for larger view


Self service loan station

Self-service loan station (FE Technologies)


DVD loan sequence - corporate video animation

Final frame of the animation


Self loan system - corporate video animation

FE Technologies self loan animation



SUPREME HEATING Solar/ Hydronics

AARONS CGI produced a variety of corporate video animations to simplify Supreme Heating’s solar and hydronic systems to potential buyers.

Heat flow - corporate video animation

Heat flow comparison >click image for larger view


Demo Solar tube array - corporate video animation

Demo Solar tube array


Animated heat flow - corporate video animation

Animated heat flow 

Armed with clear and powerful animations that visually explain every process from start to finish, Rebecca Productions was able to deliver a powerful selling tool for their client .

(Directed by Rebecca Productions)
Thermostat control valve - corporate video animation

Thermostat control valve >click image for larger view

Looking for animated tv commercials?


HONDA Advertising agency self-promo

After the success of the Honda Jazz TVC campaign AARONS CGI produced a special corporate video animation introducing the advertising agency’s self-promotional showreel featuring the sassy Honda Jazz character herself.

Agency promotional video animation by AARONS CGI

Ad agency self-promotional animation

AARONS CGI also produced online animations for the interactive Honda Jazz campaign here.

THE ALFRED HOSPITAL Donor heart preservation

The Cardiac Surgical Research Unit at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne is pioneering research into sustaining donor hearts for transplantation and required 3D animation to showcase their latest developments.



A big part of computer animation is flying logos. AARONS CGI can take your existing logo and give it a whole new spin. Catholic Homes required their corporate logo to literally fly into the screen. Their original 2D bird design was re-created and brought to life in 3D. Contact us today and see how we can add excitement to your most important marketing asset.

Catholic Homes flying logo - corporate video animation

Catholic Homes flying logo animation


GROVE HOMES Architectural presentation

AARONS CGI can also create architectural renderings. This school building project for a government client had to be designed to exacting specifications – with realistic sunlight to foresee the effect of heat on student class rooms at the hottest time of the day in summer-time Melbourne, Australia.

Design suggestion by Aarons CGI  - corporate video animation

Design suggestion by Aarons CGI >click image for larger view


Final design - corporate video animation

Final design >click image for larger view


AIS Chlorination process

Australian Innovative Systems needed to simplify the process of communicating a chlorination reaction when passing salt water through an electrode.

Chlorination process - corporate video animation

Chlorination process – 3D animation



BLUNDSTONE Shoe sole technology

Blundstone shoe soul - 3D animation

Blundstone shoe soul – 3D animation

Explaining the inner-workings of a work boot to sales executives and internet visitors might seem mundane, but with 3D animation the structure of a shoe’s sole can be seen as something fascinating. Blundstone required an exciting corporate video animation of their latest sole design requiring the various components to be assembled over time.

High resolution sole layer - corporate video animation

Image used in a magazine and poster campaign


OLSEN’S GREENBIO Soil treatment

Olsen’s needed to show the benefits of it’s soil treatment product that contains micro-bacteria and other chemicals to help plants thrive using less water, and release more oxygen into the environment. The corporate video advertorial was produced as a DVD to accompany a garden magazine sold in newsagents.

Opening animation to the advertorial

Opening animation to the advertorial


Olsen's Green Bio - corporate video animation

Olsen’s Green Bio – 3D animation


TRAIN CRASH Accident reconstruction

The Australian Government required a forensic 3D animation to recreate the infamous Lismore train accident in country Victoria, 2006. The animation was used in court and helped determine whether fog, the lack of crossing signals, or even the train’s colour played a role in the crash.

DL class



THE SALMON SHOP Interactive floor display

Dine at The Salmon Shop in Melbourne and you’ll be welcomed by an interactive floor display featuring computer generated salmon made by AARONS CGI that cleverly interact with your movements!

salmon - corporate video animation

Animated salmon rig


PACIFIC DUNLOP Acoustic foam panels

Pacific Dunlop produces specialized acoustic foam panels designed to improve sound quality, and AARONS CGI was called upon to create a realistic home theatre and recording studio to demonstrate its benefits.

Dunlop foam - corporate video animation

Main scene set up


Dunlop sound proofing foam - 3D animation

Dunlop sound proofing foam – 3D animation


As the primary target market was home theatre owners, an idea was devised to explain the use of the acoustic panels in simple terms – an analogy between sunlight hitting a projection screen spoiling the view, and sound echoing around a room colouring the sound.



The medical world is also taking advantage of the wonders of 3D animation. The Epworth Sleep Centre required a life-like corporate video animation of a patient suffering from Sleep Apnea – a severe form of snoring.

Sleep apnea - corporate video animation

Animated head showing the effects of sleep apnea


ARBORCO Tree relocation

Perhaps our most unusual request for a corporate video animation was a tree relocation for ARBORCO.

Arborco tree removal - corporate video animation

Arborco tree removal – 3D animation

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